Installation Chaudiere 91 has years of experience in servicing and installing boiler heating systems all over the country.  With our in-depth knowledge of the HVAC system as well as plumbing systems you will not go wrong in giving us a call. Our workers are professionals and hold the required licenses from the concerned authorities.  We hire only skilled workers to give you the best service possible.  Our technicians are up to date with the rules of regulations and perform their work efficiently to end=sure that your heating system runs smoothly with no unexpected issues.

Our wealth of experience includes but is not limited to plumbing, ventilation expertise and cooling.  We also have plenty of experience in installing bathroom fixtures like showers, toilets as well as with gas line and garbage disposals and so on. We are well known for our customer satisfaction and always receive callbacks from them.

Many residential homes prefer to have a boiler heating system installed to have heat during the wintery months every year. These heating systems work by heating up water and dispersing the heat through a radiator.  The process through which hot water or the steam from the hot water moves through the pipes towards the radiators releases heat throughout your home. As a part of the process, the water is then rerouted back to the boiler where it is reheated, and the cycle continues.

Benefits of Installing Residential Boiler Heating Systems:

  •        This form of heating does not produce any dust particles or any other allergens. This is since new air is not exactly entering the premises. Most of the time it is new air that causes allergens to enter the atmosphere
  •        Since the boiler heating system infuses the room with heat, it is more comfortable compared to heated air coming out of a vent.
  •        With user friendly programming, our boiler heating systems can easily use them. The different heating zones are earmarked to make it easier for the users.
  •        Boiler systems are quieter compared to other forced air systems. The operation noise of the boiler heating system stays within the boiler, making the rest of the system very silent.

Maintenance Of Heating Systems

We have experienced staff to help you with the maintenance of the boiler heating system in case you run into any trouble. The better you maintain your system, the longer it will last. Regular inspections can help keep your boiler heating system running for a long time to come. You can give us a call to have one of our professionals come by and give it a thorough checkup before the start of the winter season every year.

Upgrading an existing boiler heating system can be easily done by keeping some parts of your existing system.  Installation Chaudiere 91 has years of experience installing new boilers as well as refitting existing systems all over the country.  We can also help you boost the efficiency of your current boiler and improve the safety of your home from any unexpected boiler accidents.

We have been able to last for this long in the business due to our excellent service and our policy of 100% customer satisfaction. Most of our new customers come our way through word of mouth referrals, which is the best kind of publicity. So if you are considering having any work done related to your heating system or plumbing system at home, pick up the phone and give us a call, you will not regret it!